Our activities

You can call on us for guidance in 3 domains: organizational, team and personal development.

These 3 domains are inextricably linked: as soon as change occurs in a single domain, this has impact on the other domains.

What can you count on us for? To do that what you expect of us. Admittedly we do it in our own (sometimes quirky) way and we are very demanding both of ourselves and of you. Indeed, of you as well!

We request your full commitment to the achievement of good results. We step into trajectories only if both you and we feel a 'click' and if we are convinced that all involved parties are willing to invest in the project.

Organizational development

Organizational development is the continuous alignment of goals, structures, tasks, processes, functions and competences to the challenges facing the organization, taking into account the effects of implicit undercurrents.

We guide companies in realizing this organizational development not in the first place from the point of view of the expert but rather from a facilitating role. We will help you to identify the challenges faced by your company and we will then help to formulate answers.

Our view is that no one is more aware of the strengths and potential pitfalls within your company than you. We help you to view things from a distance and to put forward solutions. In this context, we like to work together with a wide group of people within the organization. That way we make optimal use of the existing knowledge and we create a support base from the inside for the changes that your company wants to make.

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Team Development

It is beyond question that "teams are the building blocks of an enterprise". Research shows that good teams deliver better quality work, take better decisions, are more effective and react more quickly to change. Their performance exceeds the average of all individuals together. At the same time it appears that relatively many teams don't manage to fully employ this potential, and that teams waste energy in internal conflicts arising from a lack of trust within the team.

Does this sound familiar and would you like to increase the performance of your team(s)? Then you had best consult your agenda right away. After all, building a team costs time and is stimulated by good management. We guide your teams in their development to 'adulthood'.

Depending on your demand, we develop a custom program using various methods depending on the challenges you and your team face.

We can increase the mutual trust in your team via tools like MBTI and Insights.We make the operative norms and values within a team open for discussion. We introduce feedback tools that can be used in conflicts ('non violent communication'). We use solution-oriented interventions to achieve concrete action plans for realizing efficient cooperation/workload distribution, ... And... and ... and… We cannot specify an exhaustive list here because every case is met with a unique approach developed by Switches

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Personal development

All our partners are certified trainers and coaches. Therefore we focus on assisting individuals in their development within their professional context, specifically at management and executive levels.

We guide people personally in relation to their specific question in individual coaching programs. We do this both problem-solving sense (if things are not working as they should ) and also proactively (e.g. changes in job function and/or with people facing new challenges).

And also, of course people, because people at this level sometimes feel very lonely and in need a sounding board. Sound familiar? Together with you we select the right coach, with the right style, to create the perfect match.

In addition, we offer customized training courses. "Fishbowl sessions" you might call them. We expect our participants to master the basic skills of communication, management, leadership... In fact, the theory we provide is minimal. Just enough to get started. Because we want to get further. And hopefully you as a participant do so too.

You are faced your own cases you set to work with them. No fictional role-play. The real thing. That's what we believe in. Your reality is the basis. So, before getting involved, just ask yourself whether you are willing to enter into a confrontation with yourself.

Some cases

We believe in the abilities of our customers
and we want you to (re)discover yours.