Organization development

AXA - independent bank and Insurance offices

AXA - independent bank and Insurance officesThe banking and insurance sector is under pressure and has to work with greater cost efficiency.To realize this, the offices have to be more aware how to deal with their clients’ time and to adjust their service levels to the new reality. They should also look at their internal organization/ processes/ competences to gain efficiency.


Business school


The professionalization of these offices


For 9 months business leaders attend a 'business school' where they meet 5 times during 2 days to work on daily office practice. Themes that are covered include 'the analysis of their organization and their client portfolio via the SWOT-model', 'determining a vision/mission for their office into the future', ’working out (sub)objectives relevant to their individual requirements’, ‘the basics of leadership', 'the formulation of action plans'.


During the process we use various working methods. There is time for individual reflection, which is guided by coaches providing models which the participants then 'apply' to their own situation.

Furthermore there is a -structured- exchange of experiences and training in management/leadership.

Between the modules the participants receive assignments which form the basis for the next module.


The results vary from office to office. After all, every participant departs from his personal situation and works on that.

This means that for some of them the rejuvenation of the client group is a challenge, while others need a more stable staff structure and work on adjusting their organization and on leading their staff.

Generally, we can say that 95% of the participants recommend this course as being essential to (faster) growth and development.

We believe in the abilities of our customers
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