Team development

Apeiron Team; a consultancy company specialized in chemistry-related regulation research

Apeiron Team; a consultancy company specialized in chemistry-related regulation researchApeiron is a company with 7 permanent and some free lance employees. They are a growing company that is aware of the fact that this growth requires them to adjust their way of communication and dividing tasks. The main issue is a good information flow within the company and the adjustment of internal processes.


Teambuilding using MBTI


Improving communication and the division of tasks within the company


During a one-day session using the MBTI the staff discover their personal profiles and lay the link to their reality and what the impact is of everyone's profile on his/her way of communicating.

Next each participant looks at what he/she can do in order to take into account the preferences of his/her colleagues. Then the link is made to tasks that everyone naturally picks up easily and which less so, to think about which tasks may be allocated/shifted within the team (e.g. prospecting calls and calendar-follow-up).


The first part of the day is spent examining everyone's MBTI profile.

Then examples from the daily operation are discussed in terms of how they can be dealt with it in the future, taking into consideration everyone's profile. Finally a number of tasks now exclusively resting with management's are discussed to determine who could pick up which of these responsibilities.

After the session each participant determines 2 personal goals that he/she wishes to work on.


The employees use the MBTI-letters to provide feedback to each other and take into account each other's individuality in the way of communicating (some prefer an email, allowing time to reflect; others prefer a direct oral response...).

A number of management responsibilities are transferred and shared with the employees.

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