Personal development

KBC Bank and insurance sector

KBC Bank and insurance sectorThrough market changes pressure is greater and changes more frequent. This requires continuous adjustment and stretching by everyone and that clearly has a negative impact on the functioning of the team. Intention is to increase intrinsic motivation from an awareness of reality and to work towards a common objective whereby the department gets a stronger profile both internally and externally, Which could be a major factor in a next reorganization.


Team coaching


Internal alignment in order to be in a position of strength in the coming reorganization/changes


The trajectory is intensively prepared together with the responsible managers, who in turn conduct preparatory conversations with each team member.

A step by step buy-in is meant to optimally prepare the team members for the two-day team event.

A clear framework is communicated, with well-defined joint objectives, so that everyone is aware of the expectations as well as possible consequences and possibilities. Clear agreements are made regarding the follow-up required in order to achieve maximum output.


The starting point is a solution-oriented approach, considering what goes well (success factors), what should be made explicit before moving forward and how individual qualities can be deployed to achieve a team result to which everyone is willing to commit.

Accepting today's reality and naming what is required is the key to changing 'yes but' into 'yes and' and looking ahead.

The first day the focus is on accepting/naming current realities.

The second day the focus is on building, making use of opportunities and applying existing qualities... from 'must' to 'will.'


The resistance at the start of the two-day was much larger than expected after the thorough preparation. Because matters were addressed with respect and openness the team members felt heard and recognized. This resulted in an intrinsic willingness to accept the reality and to develop, step by step, a common team objective which enjoyed everyone's support.

The team works today from a stronger sense of reality and is more aware of the benefits for themselves and for the team of assuming joint responsibility for results. They are ready for the next reorganization and becoming more able to think in terms of solutions rather than in terms of problems.

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