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Philips The Netherlands

Philips The NetherlandsThe coachee is a high potential at the point joining the management team of his business unit. His knowledge and enthusiasm are his strengths. Every now and then his direct style gets in his way and creates frictions with his colleagues and assistants. The BU director and the HR director are prepared to invest in a coaching trajectory as an investment in the future.


Individual coaching trajectory


Communicating more diplomatically with colleagues/employees with a view to building better relationships.


For 12 months, every 6 to 8 weeks, a coaching session of 2.5 h to 3h takes place during which concrete situations of the coachee are discussed. Each time the link is made to the learning objectives. In consultation with the coach the coachee determines which actions he will take before the next session.


At the start there is an intake together with the HR director and the coachee, during which the main objective of the process is agreed. Sub-goals are then determined together with the coachee. The sessions are confidential.

In a feedback interview at the end of the sessions the HR director gives feedback to the coachee on the evolution he has seen. Further steps are discussed.


After a year and a half the coachee joined the management team. He has more style flexibility towards his staff and involves them more to come up with own solutions instead of himself giving 'the right answer' right away.

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