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AXA Belgium

We have been working together with Heidi for several years now. As a customer we appreciate that she well understands and is able to meet our needs. Heidi is flexible, dynamic and professional and has an original approach. She introduces concepts out of the classic range in the market enabling us to differentiate ourselves with our bankers and brokers in relation to our competitors.

Our participants are very pleased with her approach and the feedback is unanimous: Heidi is a listening, empathetic trainer/coach who holds up a mirror to participants and encourages them to look at things from a different angle. Our participants always come back enriched by her workshops.

- Geraldine Rossier, Manager – Coaching & Transformation Training

AXA Belgium

Yvonne is a coach with a positive mindset. Anytime, anywhere she makes you understand how you view your surroundings, how people respond to you and how best to deal with it.

Through targeted questions and helping you to think about your own 'I', you get a better understanding of your own characteristics, pitfalls, qualities and talents. She doesn't try to change your personality but she helps you discover your strengths and how to use these fully to improve your interaction with others.

Gradually you come to realize that 'understanding others is knowledge, but understanding yourself provides spiritual insight'. All this results in more energy, a sharper perception of your employees and more effective communication whereby the results you're aiming for will be successful in the long run.

The sessions are confronting, but in a kind way, authentic and respectful. During each session you experience her personal attention, her warmth and involvement. In addition, her energy is contagious, so you get a boost of energy yourself.

- Kris Wijsmans, Manager - AXA office Wijsmans

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