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It is very enriching for a management team to have a 'sparring partner' when discussing not everyday matters. Especially when this partner understands common practice within CVBA's and helps in a professional way to make sensitive topics discussable.

The well-designed structure and preparation of the seminar quickly creates a 'momentum' that allows delicate matters to become discussable in a constructive way, thereby achieving results.

This way we managed to create a 'charter of the manager', a binding framework within which a CVBA-manager is supposed to function, and to define a coherent personnel policy with everyone's support.

- Feys Daniël, Director-manager - Belfius district Oostende-oostkust


With our partner team we spent a weekend 'soul-searching' with the objective: good rapport amongst partners inspires the team and will definitely improve both team spirit and results.

First our partners were a bit suspicious, probably of the unknown. We are used to work out business plans using solid facts and figures, but this was very elusive. How did we come out of this two-day event?

Together with our sparring partner Yvonne van Deursen we developed a framework and from this framework things could be discussed very openly. Things like:
'What do my colleagues think of me?'
'What am I doing well?'
'What is my pitfall?'
'How can the team deal with it?'
were discussed with a constructive approach and in a climate of mutual respect.

Our moderator played a crucial role by questioning the obvious and looking at things from a different perspective, often from a more objective angle. This has led to better results. So, in terms of teambuilding in the partner group ... quite impressive.

There is more: during this event some delicate matters in the field of HRM were discussed. These issues were brought to the team by coaching. This too struck a chord, thanks to the 'different' approach.

Today we are a stronger team than six months ago. This is, in our opinion, also thanks to this two-day session that taught us to discuss sensitive issues and to seek solutions acceptable for all parties.

My advice: Make time to discuss these issues with your partner team.

- Hilde Van Tigchelt, Director Manager - Belfius Kempen Noord CVBA

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