Reference: Pfizer


'Yvonne is an example of openness, enthusiasm, drive and positivism with extensive experience and a professional attitude.

In one to one conversations she manages, in a pleasant manner, to create a trusting atmosphere as a solid basis for a good coaching conversation. Empathetic listening skills coupled with positive comments and/or questions result in a very concrete conversation. Not only vague impressions or emotions come to the fore, but also pertinent situations and behaviors which certainly contribute to finding opportunities to grow.

As team coach, she uses her great experience and an impressive presence to bring the group into the right mood.

Combined with her strong creativity and open mind these properties are very useful. Taking into account her sense of humor it is quite obvious that her training sessions are not only educational but also take place in a fun atmosphere.

All elements to make something nice out of it are present; it's up to the group to take advantage of them.'

- Jan Van Tendeloo, Business Manager North- Pfizer

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