Who is Heidi?

My goal is to help people to become a better version of themselves (again). A version that allows them to develop, to be aware of their strengths and to focus on what truly gives them energy.

After studying communication sciences at the VUB and political science at the “Institut d’études Politiques” in Bordeaux, I started my professional career as a marketer at Corelio. Each day a new paper, each day a new action. The adrenaline was flowing.

Personal events made me search again. Search for more, more depth. And that is how my company Switches was founded in 2000. A new passion. A passion that led me to projects at home and abroad for clients such as Philips, AXA, Randstad,…

My clients describe me as a special mix between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, passionate and sometimes stubborn… a bit mysterious also. I might be confronting but always involved with the people and organizations I’m guiding.

In my work as a trainer I use different methods/tools, depending on the situation. I’m certified in MBTI (I and II), Firo-B, Insights, metaprofile, OPQ, … and I make use of methods from various ‘schools’ (NLP, solution focused approach, provocative coaching, radical collaboration, mindfulness…).

I work in Dutch, French and English.

And besides work…

… I live in the beautiful “Pays des collines”, an extension of the Flemish Ardennes, together with my husband and “the mistress of the house”, our black cat. Walking is a healthy addiction and I keep my back and mind flexible thanks to yoga. Travelling is another passion, which helps me to distance myself literally and figuratively, and to continue realizing what a “lucky girl” I am.