I have built up a network of experienced fellow coaches/trainers over the years, with whom I work together.

These partnerships vary depending on the type of assignment, the client, and the experience of each. It allows me to accept bigger projects and to provide the proper expertise/ complementarity/language, according to the client’s demands.

It is also within this network that I find my sparring partners and sounding boards. People who are not afraid to challenge me, and ask me difficult questions.

Below you can find links to partners with whom I like to collaborate:

My favorite: “Focus on Collaboration”

Focus on collaboration is a course focused on the key figures within organizations. It provides specific tools on how to make a difference, as an individual, in collaboration with others. The magic arises when people do this from their own personality and strength, and not starting from “little systems’. That is what makes this training completely different, and very personal. And therefore, very effective.

This program is my ”master piece”. It originated from several courses which I have given and followed over the years. It represents who I am and what I stand for: the wonderful struggle between authenticity and sincerity in organizations, as an individual within a larger whole.

More info about this course is here available.