Focus on Collaboration

Follow your unique developmental path together with others

“I was very impressed with this training. Over the course of my career I have completed a lot of trainings but this one stands out because it was unique and very interesting. The set up was so personal and customised to my needs and that’s what made it so valuable.”

– Lotte

This programme is for you

You are an experienced professional.

You are well acquainted with the ‘ins & outs’ of communication and management.

You are an experienced manager or a key person within your organisation.

Or perhaps you are an independent coach or consultant looking for more depth in your cooperation with clients and colleagues.

How this programme can help you

Therefore it’s essential that we lay a solid foundation together that allows you to continue further transformation after the training. This is why we work with simulations based on your own cases, video feedback and a lot of personal feedback and reflection. Experimentation is key, as it allows you to go into the experience and test out other behaviors.


You will understand what defense mechanisms you put in place when conflict occurs and why they are ineffective.


You will acquire tools to transform your defense mechanisms into a constructive attitude.


You will become more flexible in engaging into other behaviors that lead to effective collaboration.


You will be able to continue your own development, experiment with new behaviours and grow into who you are.


3 days


12 participants

2 senior trainers

Meet the trainers

Nele and I enjoy working together, we complement each other. The participants in our trainings testify to that.

“They were present with heart and head, as was expected from us too. That was so powerful.”
Leen Van Ginneken

“Very well done and very complementary, that is definitely an added value to this training. Thank you Heidi, thank you Nele. You girls are fantastic!”
Myriam Maes